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Trav4Oilers: This is Travis' Story

This season, we caught up with Travis - founder of Trav4Oilers - to learn about his athletic journey and get him into some No5Hole gear!


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Here is Travis' story:


How did the journey start for Trav4Oilers - What's your goal; What's the big picture?

It's a funny story - Trav4Oilers started off because I couldn't find any cool goalie montages on YouTube that I enjoy like on Don Herry's Rock Em Sock Em videos growing up as a kid so I started making my ownand once my computer ran out of space I started putting them on YouTube and people started watching and asking for more and now we have a brand new montage every Friday morning as well as out video series!

What influences surrounded you growing up that drove you to have this passion?

Growing up, Jose Theodore was what inspired me to become a goaltender when I was 10 and I've been in the crease ever since!  My passion for the game that I developed as a kid has kept me very driven with my personal hockey career as I'm still playing, I actively coach on the side and my passion for creating content on YouTube is stronger than ever before!

How has the teamwork you've learnt through organized sports helped you in achieving your career goals?  What message do you have for youth players looking to get into hockey or already taking part in organized sports?

Teamwork has helped me achieve my goals by learning that it's a team game.  With goaltending, you may be back there on your own little island sometimes but it's a 6 man game on the ice and it's no different in life.  Our team at Trav4Oilers is much the same, our product reviews series is fairly new and without the team we have here helping me out, the series wouldn't be possible.  So without team work our channel wouldn't be expanding at the pace it is.

Of course, we have to ask, who is your favourite NHL team, and player or goaltender?

My favourite team is no surprise to anybody, the Edmonton Oilers.  It's been a few tough years but the team looks like it's making some good strides this year currently being a few points out of a playoff spot, lets hope they can keep it up and end that playoff drought!  My favourite goalie currently is Braden Holtby. The amount of preparation that goes into his game on the ice and more importantly off the ice really fascinates me.


What is your favourite No5Hole product?

My favourite No5Hole product is the performance hoodie.  I wear it around the rink for our practices and games, going to work or just going out.  It's build for looks and comfort and I'm really proud to put the No5Hole logo on my chest.

We all have a 5Hole or weak spot, something that makes us vulnerable - the key is to acknowledge, accept, and overcome, rather than letting it hold us back from our goals and dreams.  What is your 5hole, what have you overcome?  

The weakness that I've been able to overcome is learning to remain calm on the ice and in life.  People expect a lot out of the goaltending position and once I was able to deal with the pressure of the big game or any internal / external negativity I feel I was able to take my game to another level.  Growing up, Mikka Kiprusoff was the best example of remaining calm, no matter what happened on the ice, the guy never battled an eye whether he was stealing games or having an off night.