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#NO5HOLE: This is Mattias' Story

#NO5HOLE: this is mattias' story

Congratulations to Mattias, age 10, from Quebec for winning our #NO5HOLE contest!  We all have a different journey - here is Mattias' story:
Mattias, how did you become a goalie?
When I was in the pre novice , I did a game as a goalie and I very liked it, and I'm not scared !!!!!
What is your favourite thing about hockey?
I like to make friends and too play important games.
What is your favourite thing about being on a team?
The feeling of winning a big game as a team is my favourite part!
Who is your favourite NHL team or player?
I like the Habs and the Blackhawks.  My favourite player is Corey Crawford!  I try to play like him and I have the same equipment.
What would you like to be when you grow up (what is your dream)?
My dream is to play in the NHL for Montreal or Chicago or to build hockey arenas. 
We caught up with Mattias' dad JP to get his views on his little goalies career!

We all have a 5HOLE or a weak spot, something that makes us vulnerable. No5Hole works to acknowledge, accept, and overcome, rather than letting it hold us back from our dreams - has your son ever had to overcome an obstacle in this game?

On a technical side, because of his size, he was getting beat by high shots. Leaning to be patient before falling into butterfly was a big step for him.  But on the mental aspect of the game, being on the bench once every two games this year was a big adaption for him because he has lucked out in being the only goalie for his first few years of hockey!

What inspired your son to be a goalie?
His grandfather and father were both goalies - that's where the inspiration came from!!  But most importantly, we felt that he had what it takes to live with the pressure of that position - he has a great attitude win or lose.

What is the most important value to having your son in organized sports?
Organized sports teach him attitude, respect of his coaches, referees, opponents and teammates on and off the ice.
Thanks for following and hashtagging with us JP and Mattias!
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