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The Goalie Behind SGP


What inspired you to play hockey?  

Like most kids I played many sports, but my dad's favorite sport was hockey. He always watched it and had a lot of memorabilia around the house that caught my eye.  I started ice skating around 3 years old which led to me wanting to play organized hockey as I started to skate better and understand basic hockey skills. Like most kids my parents encouraged me to skate and play. 

It is a dream to play in the NHL for your favorite team and win a championship. At the age I'm at now, I have a dream to play competitive college hockey and win a national championship with that school. That past 5 years I've had the pleasure of representing my high school, friends and family and would love to continue representing those people as my hockey career continues. 

What inspired you to create @SweetGoaliePads?

Sweetgoaliepads was a random thought that came to me when I started looking through saved photos on my laptop and realized the amount of goalie equipment I had saved. It was almost like a spark. In my opinion I thought it would be different, but fun and innovative to start an account like that. After that thought, I looked through Instagram and didn't see any similar accounts. That then boosted me to create the account.

People always ask what inspired the name, and the basic answer is who doesn't enjoy looking at a pair of sweet goalie pads?! I think the name will always stand out and be one of a kind and that is something I love about it.

What's your favourite No5Hole product?

My favorite N5H product at the moment is the "sorry, 5-hole closed" t-shirt. I think it's very creative and creates an awesome twist on a traditional closed sign. When I saw it for the first time it caught my eye right away and knew it was something I had to get my hands on. 

Who / what are your biggest inspirations?

Inspiration is what makes you start and what keeps you going. I have a few people that make me want to do well, especially at hockey.  This list consists on 4 people. They are Chris Kreider of the New York Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers, Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens and Michael Rockwell, my dad. All these people are hard workers and and have specific traits that inspire me. 

Chris, Henrik, and my dad inspire me because they are the perfect example of how hard work pays off. 

Chris went from winning a national championship with Boston College to playing for the New York Rangers in only a few weeks in 2012. At the same time he graduated Boston College early so he could play for the Rangers. 

Henrik went from going 205th overall in the 2000 draft to being one of the worlds best goalies.

My dad has always been a role model because he has taught me from right and wrong and inspired me to do well by working hard.

Carey inspires me because he is someone who has and is creating a future for himself by using negative vibes to inspire him to do better. There was a time when he was just another goalie, now he is debatably the best goalie in the world.